Older child options ages 4 plus

As your child grows and develops they may be ready for more formal education. That means understanding there is a right way and wrong way to do something, it means practising a bit between classes and it means gaining body control to be able to move to a beat and play a beat accurately too. Not every child reaches this at a set age! Your young child may still be perfectly happy and benefit immensely from being in our regular mixed age clases.  But if you feel it appropriate to try one of our other options please review these:

1. Private Recorder lessons with Rowena. Formal online lesson at 30 mins a week or 2 *15min slots to start with.

Call or text to 925-551-7722 to book or rowenamusic@gmail.com

2. Rhythm Kids program: Outdoors or online group handdrumming classes. Games, dances, world music.

Go to Rhythm Kids page

Not sure which to chose? You can of course enroll your child in both! My strongest music students have come through all of our programs: Mixed age, Rhythm kids and Private recorder lessons. I'm happy to talk with you to advise or guide as you decide