Birthday parties!

Would you like a music event to be the focus of your child's party? 45 minutes of adult and child friendly songs and activities including instruments and dancing. We'll do your favorite songs: Music together, or other children's songs or your favorite pop song to dance to. We can theme the songs etc. to match your party too if desired!

Location: We can come to your party venue and will bring all the instruments and dance scarves etc. Indoor venues are preferred: your house, community clubhouse etc, but outdoors is also possible. Do you need a location? For an additional cost we can host your party at our San Ramon location.

Cost: 45 minute parties begin at $200. Additional costs for excessive travel, very large groups or hosting at one of our locations. Order a kazoo for particpants over 2 years optional at $1 each :)

Email or call us at 925-551-7722 with your proposed date and time and location and we'll take it from there!