Enrolled Families FAQ

May I bring another adult to class? Spouse? Grandma? Friend?

Yes, any number of adults can attend with an enrolled child and chairs for the infirm are available. We do ask that the attending adults try to join in best they can and not spend the class taking photos and chatting.

May I take photos and video in class?

Adults occasionally bring cameras or video cameras to film their children in class and we know there are many cute moments and wonderful memories to catch, but please try to keep your camera use to a minimum. We do not have a performance-oriented classroom and we do hope that you will be singing and playing with your hands rather than using them on a camera. Videoing or photography can make your child or others self-conscious and distract from the singing, experimenting, and learning that we are trying to encourage. The best time to take photos is during the playalong jam session so that you can model and sing throughout the rest of the class. Please also ask the other parents before you post a picture of them on social media. 

What is the health policy?

We need your help to maintain a healthy environment in class. Please do not attend class if your child is ill and take advantage of our liberal make-up policy. Help minimize germs. The best defense against catching or spreading an illness is to wash both your hands and your child’s hands immediately before and after class.

What if I am travelling for part of the session?

If you are going to be out of town for a significant part of the semester ( 3 weeks or more) - please email us to request a half-session price. Journeys of less than three weeks can be made up using our make-up policy.

Have another question?

Email us at rowena@musictogether.net