Online class content

What is Music Together online?

Our parent company and my own staff are working hard to make sure we still bring you the musical integrity of our program.
As many classes as you want- for 5 weeks!  2 pre-recorded segments from each of our 6 teachers each week- that's 12 videos a week for 5 weeks!
These pre-recorded videos from all of our 6 teachers will feature the new MARACAS collection. Feel free to watch ALL of them as many times as you like! Pause, rewind, take a potty break, play your child's favorite song from their teacher over and over! So much music fun and enrichment!
Teachers Nick, Meredith, Katherine, Rowena, Sophie, and Denise post their classes each week. You will have access to them all!

Your Spring 2020 digital class materials include:

25 songs to download at the app "Hello everybody"

A digital version of the Spring 2020 Maracas songbook

NOTE: You are welcome to pick up hard copy materials (songbook and CD) at no extra charge once the shelter in place is lifted.

No sibling fee! We know many of you may be watching these videos with many different members of the family but we are just charging one family fee at this time which is the same as our usual "one child" fee.